Emergency Supply of your Medicines

Run out of your medication? Don’t worry, your local pharmacy can help you! You may be able to access an urgent supply ofservices 18 your regular prescription medication if you are unable to obtain a prescription. This service can be accessed if you have run out of your medicines, lost or damaged your medicines.

In an emergency, in certain circumstances, a pharmacist can supply certain prescription only medicines (POMs) to a patient (who has previously been prescribed the requested POM) without a prescription at the request of the patient.

This Emergency Supply Service will allow the supply of a medicine at NHS expense where the pharmacist deems that the patient has immediate need for the medicine and that it is impractical to obtain a prescription without undue delay (such as when demand for urgent appointments is very high).

The Emergency Supply Service will be available during the pharmacy’s normal opening hours and on Saturdays, Sundays and any official Bank Holidays when the pharmacy is open. The service is also available to temporary residents during these hours.


PLEASE NOTE: This service is not intended to replace the normal route for ordering medication and is for use in an emergency only.  Repeated supplies are not allowed under this service.

Will I have to pay for this service?

If you are exempt from paying for your prescriptions then you will not be charged for the supply of urgent medicines. However if you do normally pay for your prescriptions you will be charged a prescription fee for each item.

Will I need to order a prescription for this supply?

No, you will not need to obtain a prescription for the urgent supply of medicines. The pharmacist will provide a supply of up to 14 days of your medication without the need to order a prescription.

Can I have more than one item of medication?

If you have run out of more than one of your medicines your pharmacist can give you a supply of more than one type of medicine.

Can I use another pharmacy if my regular pharmacy is not open?

You can use another pharmacy in circumstances where your regular pharmacy is closed or if you are away from home. You will need to provide evidence of your medication by producing either:

  • a recent copy of the repeat slip with repeat medicines on it or
  • a recent box of medicines which they are running out of or
  • in the case of an MDS patient, an empty MDS package.

This will allow the pharmacist to make sure you are supplied with the correct medicine at the correct dose. Pharmacists must use their professional judgement to make sure that they supply the correct medication, if they are unable to ascertain exactly what is required they must not supply.

Can I get all types of prescription medicines? What about my strong painkillers or sleeping tablets?

The Pharmacy First Emergency Supply Service does not include the supply of certain types of medication such as strong pain killers and sleeping tablets.

  • Schedule 1, 2 or 3 Controlled Drugs (except phenobarbital or phenobarbital sodium for epilepsy). (Examples of these drugs are; Morphine Sulphate Tablets, Oxycodone capsules, Fentanyl patches, Buprenorphine Tablets or patches, Temazepam, Tramadol etc)

Can I get all types of prescription medicines? What about medications that have to be specially made for me or obtained specially?

The Pharmacy First Emergency Supply Service does not include the supply of certain types of medication such as those which have to be specially made at the lab for you or items which do not have a normal medical licence for use to treat your medical condition.

  • Specials or unlicensed medicines

How do I know if my medication could be supplied using this service?

Before you go to the pharmacy you are advised to ring the pharmacy to check if this service is available for the item you have run out of.

What should I do if my medication is not available on this service?

You must obtain a prescription for items which are not included in the service as the emergency supply cannot be made under this service and your pharmacy will not be able to supply the item without a valid prescription.

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The Emergency Supply Service is also available from pharmacies in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin

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