Common or Minor Ailments and your Community Pharmacy

What is a common ailment?

A common ailment can be an illness or condition that affects your health but can easily be treated with over the counter medicines.  Some people might call these minor ailments and whichever term you prefer to use, we would like to encourage you to think PHARMACY FIRST.

Your pharmacist can  give you advice and treat a range of common ailments without the need for a doctor’s appointment.

Talking to your pharmacy team can be done without an appointment, if you want to talk in private you can ask to use the consultation room. Using your community pharmacy in this way helps keep your doctor’s appointments available for those with more serious conditions.  It can also help reduce the pressure on Out of Hours Services and A&E which are always busy and tend to have long queues.

If you generally pay for prescriptions you will be offered help and advice and will usually find that purchasing your medicine at the pharmacy counter costs less than the cost of an NHS prescription charge.

If you normally get your prescriptions free of charge and you’re feeling unwell, visit your pharmacist first and ask about the common ailments service which provides simple, effective medication free of charge when you complete an NHS exemption form.

What is the Pharmacy First Common Ailment Scheme?

Pharmacy First is a scheme available for children and people who don’t have to pay for their prescriptions and are suffering from a common ailment.

Your local pharmacist can offer you expert advice and medicines for a wide range of common ailments without the need to visit your GP.  No appointment is necessary.

The pharmacist isn’t required to give you brand named medicines and may choose a suitable alternative.

The list below shows the common ailments covered by the Pharmacy First Common Ailments Service.

Pharmacies in Staffordshire & Stoke On Trent offering the common ailment scheme:-

Common Ailments Service in Stoke on Trent
Common Ailments Service in North Staffordshire
Common Ailments Service in Stafford & Surrounds
Common Ailments Service in South East and Seisdon
Common Ailments Service in East Staffordshire
Common Ailments Service in Cannock Chase and Rugeley

The Pharmacy First Services for common ailments is also available in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin and can be accessed at the pharmacies listed below:

Common Ailments Service in Shropshire
Common Ailments Service in Telford & Wrekin

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